Up for the challenge

At Fast Brick we are always up for the challenge. We help our customers drive their business change, innovation and improvement using latest Microsoft cloud solutions and technologies. Deep specialization and experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications, Power Platform and AI solutions allows us streamline and simplify business change and automation projects that are typically complex.

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Functionality vs technology is the one of the common battles. You do need solution to cover your processes and most of the functions within the business. Sometimes this need becomes obsession to make specific system that ‘one and only’. No system or solution is going to cover all your activities 100%! Industry specific vertical solution …


As readers we do often come to question ‘why’ this particular article or post has been written, ’why’ service or company exist, ‘why’ do we care. Fun as ‘why’ is good enough reason at times. This time fun is so-called side effect. Main reason is mystery. It does surround technology consulting. Lots of acronyms, smart …


Fast Brick is the technology and consulting company facilitating business change and improvement using Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications, Power Platform and AI solutions.

Being cloud solution provider (CSP) we work with our customers to facilitate, streamline and simplify their digital transformation projects.

We thrive on innovation and support our customers that are taking advantage of the latest technology.