Natural Selection

” So the problem is choice..?” if to quote Matrix. Indeed it is quite a challenge when technology solution is need. Need to mention here that most of the  insights will be based  on enterprise resource planning and management systems and solutions. Those mysterious beasts are the bread and butter for us, 17 years for some individually and counting.

The first headache is to choose that ‘exciting’ piece of software, the second is to live with consequences, and of course plenty IT project related things in between.Reasons to start looking for the solution can vary: business is growing and excel sheets are getting too slow or there too many of them; it is not only accounting and invoices that matters any more but also projects, product logistics and customer relations; people in the same business speak different language since they see a different picture of what that business is and where it is at; time has come to do some PR that your business is running on a smart ass technology; or there is a good financial year-end discount/sale for licenses. The hunt begins.

Broad expertise is brought to the table when picking a solution for your business. You do your due diligence online, sales guys will knock on your door, general knowledge of the names and words like SAP, Microsoft, Sales Force, Epicor, Oracle, .net, Java, C++, SQL, iOS, your IT manager’s brother-in-law working for IT consulting company pushing a deal etc. There are lots of criteria how to choose but sometimes very little of common sense.